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Some Home Designs Styles To Fit Your Needs

Selecting A House Designs Style

   There are many home design styles to choose from. Some sketches of the more popular ones are shown here noting their main distinguishing features of the house designs. This should help you to narrow your search for the perfect house designs considerably. You can also combine features for something more unique or contemporary in your house designs. You should take into account the neighborhood you are building in, and the styles already prevalent. Remember to think about re-sale.

   The size house you need and the size lot that you have must be considered here. It is more economical to build up (2 story), than to build utilizing more real estate. If your lot will not accommodate the space you need in one story, you may not have any choice but to build a 2 story home.

    You must also consider whether you want a basement. Dollar for dollar, you will get much more square footage from a basement home than other house designs. The downside is dampness, especially in low lying areas, and the fact that you will have more stairs to climb. If you cannot resolve potential flooding problems, I would not recommend a basement home. On a sloping lot however, a walkout basement becomes feasible for very economical, prime living space! The split level home designs also lend themselves to a moderately sloping lot.

   You will also have to take into account the view, the proximity of your neighbors home and any other issues that are unique to the building site, such as the elevation of the foundation in relation to the elevation of the street.

Georgian Home Designs
Maintains symmetry and has columned entry
Equally spaced windows and doorway trimmed with carved wood
Sometimes wood siding facing north and brick facing south

Cape Cod House Designs
Maintains symmetry and has dormers
Usually built from wood and has shutters

French Colonial Home Designs
Mansard or hip roof
Usually stone exterior

Southern Colonial House Designs
Maintains symmetry - large columned entry
Usually brick with carved wood on porch

Saltbox and Garrison Home front view
Both maintain symmetry but saltbox house omits detailing
They are usually built from wood and have shutters

Saltbox Home side view                      Garrison Home side view
                                                   Timber detailing

English Tudor House Designs
Unsymmetrical layout
Built with a combination of stone, stucco and timber

Ranch Home Designs
1 story with large overhangs and low pitch roof

Spanish Colonial Home Designs
Usually 1 story - Low pitch roof
Made of adobe or plaster with arches and iron window grills

Country House Designs
Usually 2 story with a wrap around porch
Very little detail

Dutch Colonial House Designs
Maintains symmetry, has dormers and a Gambrel roof

Dutch Hip Roof Home
This is a basic ranch style with a Dutch Hip on the gables

    Shown are some very simplified full building sections which are how the building would look if it were cut down the center. There is usually at least one with every set of blueprints, many more on complicated buildings.

    They show ceiling heights and treatments, number of risers to the stairs, thickness of walls, floors, ceilings and roofs, depth of foundations, structure, total height of the building etc. If completely detailed they are very informative and also show interior elevations including trim. At this point in the planning stage, they only need to help you determine the house style you will build.


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